Trudell Medical International (TMI)

Today our operating company, Trudell Medical International, consists of 230+ employees focused on our mission of ‘helping people breathe better and live fuller lives’. Our business is focused on designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling respiratory care devices used globally by people who suffer with Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Bronchiectasis and various other respiratory diseases. Our team members are located in various parts of the world (USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Japan) and bring their passion and know-how every day to their work, making each of us excel in living out our mission.

Over the last four to five years, we have increased our global presence with business developers in key global markets, new direct sales teams in key markets such as the UK, as well as transitioning key distributor relationships that had lost vitality over the years. During the same time, we have also increased our focus on patients and how to accomplish concurrent new product development with them and their care givers, using design-thinking methodologies.

We have improved our clinical and economic evidence perspectives to accelerate our product adoptions in key health systems. We have continued our automation journey in manufacturing and invested to continue to develop our teams’ skills through a focused industry 4.0 journey. We have launched Aerobika OPEP device in key markets – the UK, Netherlands, Germany, India and Saudi Arabia. Our animal health business has more than doubled in the last five years and the pandemic has further accelerated the growth of the product line. Along with some serendipitous events and our product superiority – aiding in a highly probable FDA approval in the generic pMDI market – we grew the dose indicator product line by more than 10 fold. These improvements have contributed to the growth and diversification of our product portfolio.

Approximately 10% – 20% of the world population suffers from a respiratory illness. It’s a growing challenge for health systems to address rising costs while improving quality of care. Lack of highly sensitive and specific diagnostic tools to identify and categorize different disease phenotypes, has been a challenge in the respiratory space. Additionally, the complexity of medication delivery (nebulization or pMDI or dry powder inhalers) kept adherence to respiratory medications at sub 50% levels. With acceleration of technologies such as electronics, molecular diagnostics and biologics, we are entering an era of personalized medicine which will help people breathe better and live fuller lives.

The other day, some of our employees were volunteering at the London Food Bank on Leathorne Street in London, Ontario. It dawned on me that it was that building in which Trudell Medical Business once resided and served the world and today, that same space is serving the London community. Our drive to serve the world through innovative products, processes and collaborations continues. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s saying, ‘to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; that is to have succeeded,’ keeps us living out our mission of ‘helping people breathe better and live fuller lives’.

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