ProResp was founded by Mitchell Baran in in 1981. He himself had suffered from childhood asthma and his company, Trudell Medical, had become an internationally renowned distributor of innovative respiratory equipment and products. But after consulting multiple personnel within the respiratory community to improve product design and effectiveness, he realized that home oxygen services lacked patient care. This led him to hire the first respiratory therapist to provide community care.

ProResp’s original name was Professional Respiratory Home Care Service Corp. With a very definite purpose – to put patients first by involving a respiratory therapist in the provision of home oxygen – ProResp’s commitment has made measurable differences in the lives of those served in its 40 years of operation.

In 1990, ProResp launched an integrated model of care in partnership with an Ontario hospital. With a demonstrated level of success, the model expanded across Southwest and Central Ontario to 12 other hospitals. This integrated approach to care and service allows patients to be secure in a seamless transition from hospital to home, with the collaboration of care teams across sectors.

ProResp has grown to become Ontario’s largest and most trusted provider of community respiratory therapy, going above and beyond to help patients live their best possible lives. From taking care of elders’ respiratory care needs; to bringing babies home from intensive care; to helping  sleep apnea sufferers get a good night’s sleep; to making a patient’s palliative journey as comfortable and peaceful as possible; ProResp helps people breathe right at home and helps loved ones breathe a sigh of relief.

All of this work and success by respiratory therapists and support teams was preparation for the biggest test they have ever faced – a global pandemic in the form of a respiratory virus. When COVID hit, ProResp was ready and has been able to respond with attention to safety and effectiveness and without compromising a commitment to care.

ProResp has always been a leader in expanding the boundaries of respiratory therapy that can be delivered safely at home and in the community. And now it moves into the digital health space, offering a virtual-care hybrid model that encompasses in-person and virtual connectivity to patients and their support systems. Virtual care augments the capacity to provide respiratory therapy efficiently and effectively through a fully-developed care pathway and integrated system.

ProResp is honoured to be a member of the Trudell Medical Group of companies, proudly celebrating 100 years of putting patients first.

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