Our History

The Trudell Medical Group of Companies is a dynamic, innovative supplier of high-quality medical products and services. It is known worldwide for top-quality cost-effective products and services. Each member company has grown and prospered – and is improving lives – through the actions of forward-thinking people, progressive research, innovation, market development and patient focus.

In 1922, the company was founded in London, Canada, by George Stewart Trudell. He was also a co-founder of the Empire Brass Company of Canada, later to become EMCO. After leaving Empire Brass, he named his new medical supply business The George S. Trudell Company. Initially it imported religious articles and medical supplies for the Sisters of St. Joseph, founders and operators of St. Joseph’s Hospital in London. The focus soon shifted exclusively to medical products and the company prospered as a small Canadian medical supply distributor. By 1939, Trudell employed five people, including his son, George Otto Trudell. The company eventually passed to his son, George Otto Trudell, who took it on in addition to his primary career as a home builder and developer.

Post-war growth was excellent. In 1967, after George Otto Trudell passed away, Mitchell A. Baran purchased the company from the estate. The firm grew rapidly under Baran’s leadership. His strategy included securing exclusive nationwide product lines and building a stronger sales and marketing team. Trudell also began to contract manufacturers to make Trudell-branded products.

Trudell Healthcare Solutions, formerly known as Trudell Medical Marketing Limited, the Canadian distribution company, is the eventual descendant of the original George S. Trudell Company’s business. Continuing to serve the Canadian hospital market, it partners with a range of top-notch medical suppliers to sell, service and distribute advanced critical care and respiratory products, as well as quality operating room equipment to hospitals across the country. It is committed to supplying equipment that delivers superior clinical outcomes, as well as economic savings.

In the 1970s, Northgate Research, located in upper New York state, was acquired to develop and manufacture electrohydraulic lithotripsy, ground-breaking technology allowing for non-invasive fragmentation of urinary stones. This was the beginning of Trudell’s history of medical device innovation. During the 1980s, Baran took the company into new territory by acquiring Monaghan Medical Corporation and moving it to Plattsburgh, N.Y., in the same facility as Northgate. Later, Northgate Research became Northgate Technologies, Inc. and moved to the Elgin, Illinois area.

Canadian Monaghan, a sister company of Monaghan Medical (USA), was founded in London and was the precursor to Trudell Medical International, the largest company in the Trudell group.

The 1980s marked a time of tremendous growth for the Trudell Medical Group of Companies. Canadian Monaghan shifted its focus from ventilators and airway pressure alarms to producing asthma and respiratory disease-related products. Later, expertise in the respiratory field led to the development of the first-generation of the AeroChamber® brand of valves holding chambers, long recognized as the gold standard in its class. The AeroChamber® was a revolutionary product which enabled the use of metered dose inhalers (aka MDIs or asthma puffers) for infants and children. Prior to the AeroChamber®, MDIs and the various drugs they contained could not be used with infants and small children as they could not co-ordinate their inhalation with the rapid aerosol burst coming out of the MDI. The AeroChamber® captured and held the aerosol until the child inhaled naturally.

Other innovative respiratory products were added as the years passed. After considerable success in the North American market, the AeroChamber® was introduced to the European market at the 1989 convention of the European Respiratory Society.

Another new member of the Trudell Medical Group was born in the ‘80s when ProResp Inc. began providing home respiratory services and products using qualified respiratory therapists. This approach was in line with Mitch Baran’s commitment to patient care. Prior to this, the Ontario home oxygen market was dominated by industrial gas companies using non-medical personnel.

ProResp also had a sister company called ProHome, a home-care company that provided nurses and other support personnel to patients who were homebound or recuperating following hospital discharge. It was established in the 1981 by consolidating a few smaller operations serving various regions in Ontario. After a period of expansion and growth, ProHome was divested from Trudell Group in 2010 to increase our focus in other areas. It also was felt patients and employees would be better served as part of a larger operation, due to a trend of efficiency-driven consolidation in the industry.

By the end of the 1980s, the Trudell Medical Group of Companies had advanced beyond its North American roots as a strong global leader in respiratory care products and services and endoscopic surgical products. In 2001, Trudell Medical International Europe Ltd. was established to meet the needs of growing business opportunities in this area. Employees in other key international regions have also been added. Trudell Medical International and Monaghan Medical Corp., research, design, manufacture and distribute proprietary aerosol drug-delivery devices and systems worldwide. They have forged an excellent reputation in aerosol science and in the development of high-quality novel medical devices that are the subject of multiple patents worldwide.

Trudell has always placed great emphasis on product innovation development and quality manufacturing. Our manufacturing facilities in Elgin, Plattsburgh and London have a proud tradition of consistent quality. The Aerobika* Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) therapy system won gold at the Medical Design Excellence awards in New York City. OPEP is a drug-free treatment applicable to 250 million COPD patients around the world.

The world-class aerosol laboratory at Trudell Medical International in London provides technical knowledge to test and improve product lines. It also works with engineering staff to develop innovative and cost-effective products through ongoing research. It has grown from one full-time staff member in the ‘80s to 24 branches and joint ventures serving more than 8,000 customers and is renowned as an industry leader in innovative and dedicated patient care. Most recently TMI Medical Distribution Inc. was incorporated to take advantage of e-commerce for animal health product lines and to unify our global presence.

Although Monaghan Medical Corporation (U.S.A.) and Trudell Medical International (Canada/global) develop and carry the same products, Monaghan has a special mandate for the U.S. market. Recognizing the importance of integrating with the U.S. market, Mitch Baran made a commitment to manufacture there, long before there was political pressure to do so. He set Monaghan and Northgate up as largely independent companies that could respond to the needs of the U.S. market and integrate them into the design of the products produced there. He felt it was important to create stable manufacturing and management jobs in the U.S. as a matter of equity and commitment to the market. Trudell remains committed to this philosophy as demonstrated by the recent opening of the new Monaghan manufacturing facility in Plattsburgh N.Y.

Driven by core values of respect, trust, integrity, duty, innovation and patient-first, all Trudell Group team members strive to be the best in their fields of endeavour.

The company entered a new era with the passing of Mitch Baran in August of 2015. He was responsible for the rapid growth of the Trudell Group after he acquired the business in 1967. This was accomplished through the creation of a unique culture, founded on respect and genuine caring for all employees. It is the intention of the Baran family, the Trudell board of directors and senior management to maintain this culture and tradition of innovation, focused on patient care.

We are confident in the capabilities of all team members to ensure continued growth and opportunity at Trudell Medical Group and look to the future with strength and optimism. We know the products and services we provide improve the quality of patients’ lives, while saving the health-care system money.

We are committed to continued innovation and dedicated toward this goal.

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