Northgate Technologies, Inc.

Since 1990, Northgate Technologies, Inc. (NTI) has led the charge for research and innovation in minimally invasive surgery. It has been recognized as one of the top three most innovative medical device companies in the Chicago area, with more than 77 issued and pending patents. Its products have been installed in more than 8,000 hospitals and used in more than 5.6 million procedures globally.

The company began as a research and development firm and was purchased by Trudell Medical in the 1970s, under the name of Northgate Research. It developed and manufactured electrohydraulic lithotripsy equipment, using a ground-breaking technology for non-invasive fragmentation of urinary stones. Its location in Plattsburgh, N.Y., was where Monaghan Medical Corporation later settled after being acquired by Trudell in the ‘80s.

In 1986, Northgate Research moved to Arlington Heights, Ill. and after two more relocations and a name change, in 1990, to Northgate Technologies Inc., the company settled in a new building on Scottsdale Court in Elgin, Ill., where it still is.

Through the combination of software controlled electronic consoles with proprietary sterile single-patient use disposables, Northgate products and technologies deliver care in a variety of procedures. Intracorporal electrohydraulic lithotripsy is used to fragment different types of stones inside the body from gallstones to bladder and kidney stones. This technology is used by urologists and gastroenterologists in conjunction with other companies’ direct visualization scopes.

Another clinical area of innovation is laparoscopic insufflation. When performing minimally invasive surgery in the abdomen, carbon dioxide gas is used to inflate the belly and create an environment in which the surgeon can perform the procedure using scopes and instruments inserted through ports. Rapid gas flow more than stability, warming and smoke removal are all areas of innovation NTI has developed in this clinical application.

In addition to its products and technologies, NTI began a journey in 2017 to utilize the ideals of ‘humble, hungry, and smart’ to build an effective and collaborative team culture. Today, these ideals are applied at every step from recruiting through performance management.

The medical device industry is in the midst of a renaissance of technology. Robotics, interconnectivity of devices, data communication and artificial intelligence are examples of the rapid and transformational innovations shaping the operating rooms of the future. NTI is uniquely positioned to accelerate these trends and apply them to the minimally invasive surgical environment through current and future products.

Building on its history and foundation of innovation, while striving to have a great team culture, it is on a transformational journey of rapid growth and new product solutions that will make a positive difference in the lives of patients.

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