Monaghan Medical Corporation

Once an independent company in the 1970s, the JJ Monaghan Company was acquired by the Hospal Corporation of Denver, a Sandoz affiliate. It was subsequently acquired by Northgate Research (now Northgate Technologies), a sister company of Trudell Medical. It was eventually renamed as Monaghan Medical Corporation and the manufacturing operations were moved from Denver to Plattsburgh, N.Y., in November 1980.

At that time, production lines were building ventilators, intermittent positive pressure breathing (IPPB) machines, rate volume monitors and Spirocare incentive breathing exercisers. The plant was also responsible for the manufacture of the SD-1 Stone Disintegrator Lithotripter, a device used by urologists to disintegrate kidney stones. The facility also housed a technical service department to provide customers with annual maintenance, modifications and repairs to ensure proper functioning of each piece of equipment.

The addition of aerosol delivery devices began with the AeroChamber® brand of valved holding chamber (VHC), first with a mouthpiece and then masks. To this day, all VHCs sold in the United States are manufactured in the Plattsburgh facility. Monaghan also designed and manufacturers the AeroVent® Collapsible Holding Chamber, TruZone® and Strive® Peak Flow Meters sold globally.

As the organization grew and its presence in the U.S. hospital market increased, the manufacturing facility needed to narrow its focus. Monaghan slowly transitioned away from making ventilation and lithotripsy equipment to concentrate on single-patient aerosol delivery devices. Monaghan also produces the AeroChamber® VHC for AbbVie Medical, which has sold to the retail pharmacy side of the business for more than 30 years. The lithotripsy product line remained in Northgate Research, which was subsequently relocated to the Chicago area.

Monaghan’s historical partnerships with pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Sepracor-Sunovion and TEVA were forged through the recognition of Monaghan products as the best to promote their drugs. This continues to promote the Monaghan name, product and brand recognition as a leader in aerosol delivery devices at the forefront of the industry.

Despite rapid growth and expansion over the last 40 years, Monaghan has maintained one primary mission: ‘To provide the healthcare community with the finest, most researched and innovative respiratory devices to help people breathe easier‘.

In 2020, headquarters moved into a new state-of-the-art facility built on the grounds of the previous Plattsburgh airport, with a beautiful view of the Adirondack Mountains. This doubled the size of the previous offices and houses warehouse, production, administration and all support functions. The surrounding property can be developed as needed for future expansion.

Currently, Monaghan employs more than 130 individuals across the U.S. in operations, manufacturing, production, sales and marketing.

The company is often recognized by patients and clinicians alike for its quality and support, as it develops unique products that contribute to superior patient care of respiratory conditions. In 2021, Monaghan was honoured by the 47,000 members of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) with its seventh consecutive ‘people’s choice’ Zenith Award, recognizing outstanding service, quality, accessibility, truth in advertising and support to the respiratory care community. More than 600 companies are eligible, and Monaghan was one of just six companies recognized – its 14th win since the award was introduced.

After 40 years as part of the Trudell Medical Group, Monaghan continues to pursue the quality standard and vision of Mitchell A. Baran. Its success is due not only to the quality of its products, but to a team that demonstrates initiative, takes ownership and offers suggestions to enhance a professional atmosphere, just as Mr. Baran did.

Monaghan and its employees are fortunate that the company remains privately held by the Baran family and under the direction of George Baran, executive chair of the board. This company remains a success story in perseverance and stability, while leading innovation in its market in terms of adapting to current and future health care needs and technology.

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