Aetonix Systems Inc.

In February 2021, the Ottawa-based Aetonix Systems Inc., headed by founder and CEO Michel Paquet, joined the Trudell Medical Group family. Aextonix now serves more than 250 organizations and has more than 50,000 users in Canada, the U.S., the United Kingdom and India and was borne from one man’s very personal concerns about members of his family.

The problem was senior care and isolation. Michel’s 83-year-old aunt was suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and she found it difficult to let family and health-care professionals know what she needed, leading to problems with her care and feelings of isolation. At the same time, his father was fighting cancer and living with chronic conditions. It was challenging for the family to manage the care of the elderly brother and sister, and to keep them connected, especially since they lived 16 hours apart.

Michel also realized his father and aunt were not the only persons with these common problems. Aetonix was founded in 2014 to address these concerns.

The initial focus was helping families connect with loved ones in retirement homes and adult care centres. This led to the development of the initial version of TouchAway™, a service that enabled easy communication between the two. With a one-touch interface, patients could connect with family via video. Six months after the creation of Aetonix, Michel’s dad and aunt were able to simply touch a large picture of a family member on a 21-inch monitor and then communicate by video – no password, no mouse interaction, just a simple touch. The TouchAway™ platform was born.

The innovation has rapidly evolved over the last eight years to a virtual-care platform for the secure, remote management of a patient’s journey, while maintaining the easy-to-use model for less tech-savvy people.

TouchAway™ now includes solutions for clinicians to enhance the experience and outcomes for patients with chronic, acute and critical care needs. The intuitive, virtual-care platform securely delivers evidence-based care pathway protocols, telehealth and remote patient management. Each step of a patient’s care sequence is mapped out to clearly communicate what and when actions must occur to achieve the best possible results.

In March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Aetonix started a collaboration with King’s College London (KCL) in the United Kingdom to help with the ICU management of COVID-19 patients. Four months later, 176 hospitals in the U.K. were using TouchAway™ to enable communication between patients in locked-down ICUs and family members. This was made possible by a joint effort with King’s College London, British Telecom, Google, Amazon, and Life Lines.

Aetonix aims to redefine the health-care experience by enabling a wider connected circle of care and at the same time ease the enormous strain on all levels of the health-care system. By developing easy-to-use telehealth platforms, its solutions focus on what really matters – effective and efficient care, while enabling a virtual personal touch connecting the patient, the family and the care team.

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